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Personarc develops custom websites and software for community-focused clients and project teams, helping them engage, consult and communicate effectively and efficiently.

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Build a more human digital engagement architecture for your business, project or programmes.

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Personarc helps:

AEC Consultants
Architectural Firms
Business Start Ups
Community Businesses
Construction Companies
Landscape Architects
Local Authorities
Membership Entrepreneurs
Property Developers
Public Sector organisations
Saas Businesses

Personarc offers its expertise to solve your toughest engagement challenges, no matter whom you need to engage.

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Unlike software vendors selling point tools for citizen engagement, project collaboration, we build custom engagement solutions for clients and project teams which work the way they need and integrate the best tools.

Personarc designs and builds anything from the simplest one page website with embedded surveys to a 100 sophisticated and automated software to run your organisation.

We offer digital strategy, website design and development along with optional hosting, support and training for the largest project teams, startups and community focused organisations.

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How we work

How we work

Our aim is to help clients solve engagement challenges where there is either a lack of expertise or a need for new tools and processes to make things easier and free up time.

There are essentially 4 key stages to a Personarc project. Strategy, design, build and support.

The first stage includes a wide range of tasks that define the problem plan how to tackle it, and define some success metrics.

Design and Build services deliver the digital infrastructure, website and connected tools that make can be used to deliver the strategy.

For the support stage, we can work as technical support in the background, or work directly with clients as partners on their team to execute the plan.

Why work with Personarc?


Principal consultant Michael Kohn brings over 15 years experience in the design and development of innovative digital and face to face engagement tools, working across fields of web, software, communications and consultation.

Better Value

Unlike proprietary engagement software vendors who sell the same product to every customer, we design and develop custom digital solutions that our clients own and control. Rather than reinventing the wheel this approach builds on the work of the best software companies and saves clients money.

Future Proofed

We seek out the most fit for purpose tools, technologies to to suit any specific project. We can integrate existing software investments, or develop custom tools and processes to suit your planned operations..

Policy Compliant

All our solutions align with and integrate our client's own privacy policies. Solutions are built to be accessible, GPDR compliant and secure by design. We can advise clients of any steps they need to make to meet changing requirements.

Results Driven

We set out and agree project engagement KPIs at the start relating to engagement, and put plans in place to keep engagement up.  We monitor results with our clients, offering advice for improvements or changes along the way.

Client Centred

We support clients as partners in their project success through planned strategy, remote advice, new staff training and hands-on support to execute on plans and ensure all targets are met. 

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