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Why community is king.

It's 2021, and people are craving community now more than ever.

For your business or organisation, having a clear strategy and a well designed communications and communication engagement infrastructure to support your communities is critical to business success.

Your business or organisation may already actively support several different types of communities. Think about your clients or customers, your suppliers, employees, the local community or the public at large.

In fact, there are many subtly different types of communities you might also seek to grow and support online or face to face. Communities that can be defined by shared interest,  action, circumstance, place, or practice. In supporting these communities grow your business can grow too.

Communities can be nurtured around an ongoing service,  product or operation.  Or they can also form around one-off, time-limited projects or change programmes that you manage or contribute to. Anyone with a shared interest in the project outcomes is a project stakeholder to be engaged and invited to get involved.

Recognising the existing communities that you already support, and identifying the potential new ones that you may choose to engage, grow and support, is the start to creating lasting community-driven value for your business or organisation.

You may be seeking social, environmental or commercial outcomes for your business, or a combination of these. In all cases, a robust, well designed, well integrated community strategy is now a must-have in ensuring sustainability of your community and driving shareable value creation for all members and stakeholders.

In practice however, doing this well is quite difficult, especially when you are often starting from scratch, or it's a new discipline.

Creating the means to engage, educate, listen to and communicate effectively with individuals and groups in parallel, synchronously and asynchronously, requires a specific set of skills.

It requires foresight, planning and execution expertise. Sometimes a whole change in thinking and mindset is required, and a commitment to measurement and learning as your community grows.

Doing it all alone is no easy task.

Personarc has these skills and we are here to help you with your community.

What we do

At Personarc, we have developed the thinking, skills and tools to help our clients engage and support their different kinds of communities for a different kinds of defined business goals.

We've learned how to engage and manage different kinds of audiences in parallel and at scale. We've worked to build communities from scratch, or worked to develop existing ones and provide modern communication, engagement or consultation systems.

We are skilful at 'designing demand' to get involved. We're strategic about achieving different community growth stages, and we're constantly researching latest thinking and techniques learned from sales, marketing and customer success disciplines in the technology sector. Our unique insights and capability help us bring this thinking and practice to a wide range project goals, business sizes and community types.

By building processes and systems around more personalised, contextual communication channels, and creating a variety of ways to engage to suit the individual, we are able to support improved customer experiences for every member in your target community. We can do this by better understanding who they are, the context, timing and purpose of you engaging them, and recognising their individual interests to build the relationship and increase the chances of them engaging and contributing towards lasting community-driven value.

How we work

We spend a long time understanding your objectives and ambitions for your communities.

We think through the strategy with you, and develop the toolset and skillsets that can support the strategy.

We are not wedded to a single approach or software, and will use the best tools for the job, recognising different client budgets and in-house resources. We are able to integrate a wide range of 3rd party best-in class software or work with our client's existing investments, for instance working with existing websites, emailers, surveys and CRMS.

Sometimes we need to create new custom tools and services to serve a specific business or project purpose.  We invariably do this with a no code approach, which makes it fast, affordable and easy for clients to adopt and even extend our work, but we are equally skilled to work with software engineers and can manage the whole process.

When it comes to training, we have over 10 years experience training in-house communications and engagement teams from both private and public sector to operate the systems we build, and we offer to maintain the relationship so that longevity and affordability is built into any community focused initiative.

Combining our prior experience from architectural practice, innovation and technology development, we are familiar in working in both fixed cost capital projects environments with waterfall programmes, or in a fast paced innovate and agile environment with a lean start-up mentality, where incremental development is the norm.  We've been there ourselves with our own software products which we have successfully spun off, and we know how to build fast, measure, learn and reiterate, moving a project from MVP through to fully working production ready systems and software, building upon the value created at each stage.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a project, product, service, space or business idea where you have recognise that community is king.

Ongoing projects

Personarc is currently working on a range of projects and services for organisations that value community success at the heart of their product, service or project lifecycle.

Construction Supply Chain
User Research and Engagement

On site operational user research for a leading Tier 1 contractor engaging with construction supply chain communities involved in projects: development of user research methods & tools to encourage a more collaborative and productive construction workforce and supply chain.

Community & Society

Innovation and business design services for a digital start up serving the choirs, singing and music industry. Development of a range of virtual choir video services, membership websites and business model consulting for two leading UK community choirs businesses.

Maker Community/
Architectural Design

Consultancy for an open-source recycled plastic framing system for construction of small scale structures. Work involves community strategy, business model design, maker community prototyping, and strategic business roadmap support.


Front end design and product management services for 'next-gen co-design, community consultation and collaborative problem-solving software' for project professionals. Development of Community roadmap.

Construction Sotware

User research and prototyping of a new kind of group based communications contact centre software for construction and utilities projects for keeping local communities informed of construction progress and disruptions.

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