Digital Expertise for

Consultation, Engagement and Co-Design Projects

All the tools and support you need to keep everyone engaged, consulted and informed as your project progresses.

We build single project, multi-project or corporate consultation and engagement portals for organisations working on stakeholder rich projects where wider consultation is key. We offer clients the full service from digital first project engagement strategy, set up of website and digital communications infrastructure, full training and ongoing support.

Our Solutions

Community CRMs

A community or stakeholder CRM will enable you to keep track of individuals and groups who have and haven''t contributed to your project at different stages.

One off consultation websites

We offer a range of fixed term services to support consultants deliver face to face consultations with an integrated digital solution.

Multi-stage consultation websites

A comprehensive consultation website to support a end to end timeline of engagement and consultation events at key stages of the project.

Online consultation and engagement portals

A dedicated, branded, multi-project portal, integrating your favourite consultation tools, and hosted on your own domain or a custom URL

The challenges

People need to be consulted in different ways, at different times to suit them, and a mix of face to face, online, synchronous and methods. There's no one tool that covers every aspect of consultation and engagement, and many of proprietary siloed tools are expensive and fixed in their application.

Our solutions

Our approach is to develop a website that you own, sitting on a custom domain, or a subdomain of your website. We've developed a range of templates that can be customised to suit exact project requirements and you can integrate a range of world class tools like Surveys, Teams and Zoom, and enable everyone to engage and have a say at the time to suit them.

Why invite Personarc to work on your

Consultation, Engagement and Co-Design Projects


We've got more than 15 years experience in developing various community consultation and engagement technologies and supporting clients in their use.

Our flexible solutions are built around your timeframe, budget and internal resources. We can support the smallest, shortest consultation, to larger projects requiring several years of support.

There's no need to spend a fortune and be locked into tools that don't cover all the angles. Personarc offers you an alternative cost effective way to manage a wide range of consultations by using the leading survey, email and CRM tools, and bringing them into an experience branded for your organisation.

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Consultation, Engagement and Co-Design Projects


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