Personalised digital communications for targeted project engagement

When you map out everyone you need to engage on your project, it can at first be be overwhelming. It is easy to think it's impossible to reach everyone you need, and you fudge it and hope for the best.

A well thought through digital communications strategy and infrastructure for your project gives you the possibility to do just that.  Personarc takes a systematic approach to helping clients achieve measurable engagement success.

Large project teams need to engage with a diverse number of stakeholders, whether individuals or groups. To have any kind of measurable engagement success, you need to understand where to find your stakeholders what their motivations are, and take into account the context and timing of their likely engagement and how this maps to your objectives.

Understand who you are trying to engage.

Create an offer or opportunity that interests them

We build custom websites with landing pages CRMs, and Email automation tools that enable you to segment your message, engage with groups or individuals at the right time.

Social is great for first time promotion, but most of our solutions focus on capturing an email address of your stakeholder or participant. Once they have let you know they are interested and engage at the high level, you can let them know how when and why to engage, and send them timely reminders to make it easy for them.

GDPR compliant communications

Why work with Personarc?


Principal consultant Michael Kohn brings over 15 years experience in the design and development of innovative digital and face to face engagement tools, working across fields of web, software, communications and consultation.

Best Value

Unlike proprietary engagement software vendors who sell the same product to every customer, we design and develop custom digital solutions that our clients own and control, solving their specific problems whilst also saving them money.

Future Proofed

We seek out the most fit for purpose tools, technologies to to suit any specific project. We can integrate existing software investments, or develop custom tools and processes to suit your planned operations..

Policy Compliant

All our solutions align with and integrate our client's own privacy policies. Solutions are built to be accessible, GPDR compliant and secure by design. We can advise clients of any steps they need to make to meet changing requirements.

Results Driven

We set out and agree project engagement KPIs at the start relating to engagement, and put plans in place to keep engagement up.  We monitor results with our clients, offering advice for improvements or changes along the way.

Client Centred

We support clients as partners in their project success through planned strategy, remote advice, new staff training and hands-on support to execute on plans and ensure all targets are met. 

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